Confihome | Discover the Value of Your Neighborhood
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Welcome to Confihome.

A social network designed to create real community in the real world.

The Local Social Network that connects people with their neighbors and their community – in the real world.

CONFIHOME connects neighbors with local civic groups, mom-and-pop businesses, recreational opportunities, non-profits, fan clubs, and places of worship.

How it works.

  1. Your friend discovers a new coffee shop. Or joins a local bicycling club. Or meets with a financial advisor.

  2. Your friend sends you a recommendation.

  3. You check it out.  You collect your reward.  A free cup of coffee, a coupon for the local bike shop, or free financial check-up.

  4. You then make your own recommendation.

  5. Everyone benefits! And you meet new friends in the places you frequent.

Home & the world.

CONFIHOME combines the power of social networking with the benefits of real interaction with your neighborhood
– to create community.

together hands

In the real world, human beings meet face to face. They see each other in the market, at the park, at their kids’ soccer games, and at community get-togethers. They support each other at their places of worship and over the back fence. And they support each other’s businesses.


Your home is not just a house. It’s the center of your social world. It’s the place where you’re known best. It’s also where you share your life with friends and business associates, both old and new.

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We all belong to many communities. Some – like your family – are intimate. Next in line may be your close friends, then friends at your place of worship. At the outer edges may be close business associates. The geographic center of your world is your home, but we all belong to many communities.


From time to time, your community may expand. You buy a new home and meet new neighbors. You get a new job and gain new colleagues. You join a club and make a new friend. CONFIHOME makes it easier to build your personal community.

What others have said
about friendship and community.

Core Values.

Every community shares core values. Here are ours.


Community depends first of all on each of us recognizing that we need others. This means acknowledging that, in reality, we are not self-sufficient. Even the most capable among us need others! Sadly, not everyone recognizes this fact.


To foster community, sometimes all that is needed is a willingness to visit with others. To take the time to inquire about their family, their work, their plans. Or to share a recipe, a cup of coffee, or even a meal.


Sometimes true neighborliness will require more. To build true community, sometimes our neighbor’s problem must become our problem.


In encouraging the practices that build community CONFIHOME seeks to invite others to join us. In this way we hope to embody what we are seeking to encourage in others.

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